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The first typical tango orchestra of Austria, BAND-O-NEON "Orquesta Típica de Tango" was founded in May 1995. The name of the orchestra is related to the characteristic instrument of the tango, the bandoneon.

The repertory consists of the tangos from the classical period (1880-1917), transition period (1917-1935), period of Tango-Nuevo (1935-1948) as well as contemporary works.

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The purpose of the orchestra is especially to perform Tangos of all periods in their original forms. BAND-O-NEON believes in the importance of preserving the characteristic interpretations of the classical tangos which have already been established by famous Argentinian orchestras. For this reason BAND-O-NEON does not modernize the classical tangos. Some of the current arrangements of the orchestra reflect the influences of famous Argentinian tango schools and/or orchestras. For example "La Cumparsita" in the style of Juan D´Arienzo, "Quejas de Bandoneón" in the style of Anibal Troilo, "El Amanecer" in the style of Carlos di Sarli etc. On the other hand, the contemporary tangos play an important role in the repertory of the group.